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  1. I think I'm doing something wrong. I have Windows 10 and when I configured Speech, I selected Microsoft Speech Recognizer 8.0 for Windows (English-US). Then I selected the audio file and selected File > Run Speech to Text on Dictation. I looked at the result (in the Notes area) and the text didn't seem to have anything to do with the audio. I wasn't expecting a perfect transcription, but the results didn't match at all. The recording was of a call to a cousin of mine. Here's an example from the beginning of the transcription, where we were just making small talk. "Through some of the fifth a wholly owned a restaurant and those who was he may eighth of your year youngest violinist Ken is Huston blessed mother in City Hall and long as it was lost in little rock band now , his ponytail and error if you get used to house the only thing that you show us film wrestling on her behalf of violence from a connection entourage dollars through the senate to remember that won't buy one kit I was thrown off left Don fleming or die from it actually he was still have your no assurance has sent a team we get home and whose you're a hill who also a hall of..." Here's of few sentences of what was really said: "So, you've probably gone to restaurants and things..." "We went to a nice one today. It was me, my brother-in-law Wayne, his wife Stacy, Stacy's dad, and they pick up Mom on the way. She's finally out of quarantine." Am I misconfiguring something?
  2. I don't really need any of the features of the pro version, but it's such a good program that I want to support it. If I buy the Pro version, how long does the license last? Is it a year? Until the next major upgrade? Other? I apologize if the answer to this is on the web somewhere, but I couldn't find the information in the pre-sales section.
  3. Good suggestion. It doesn't work in Notepad, so I tried assigning it to a function key (F10) and that didn't work, either. Absolutely nothing happens. I have to think that it's the Copy Time command itself. The other system-wide function keys work fine without me having to unassign Word keys. (F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, and F9 all do something in Word.)
  4. I tried adding a system-wide hotkey for Copy Time, but it's not working with Word 2013.
  5. Or, even better, if you Express Scribe could do it automatically. (That might need to be a Pro feature, but it would certainly be useful.)
  6. I am transcribing a recording I created myself. I want to insert time codes in the transcription in case I have a question later. I created the Ctrl-T system-wide hotkey for Copy Time, but when I pressed Ctrl-T in Word 2013, nothing happened. I tried Ctrl-T, Ctrl-V, but that didn't do anything either. I restarted Express Scribe. Didn't help. I restarted Word. Didn't help. I'm using Express Scribe v 5.59. I'm wondering if this is a problem with Word 2013. My other system-wide macros are working fine. Is anyone else using Word 2013?
  7. I just reported it as a bug, though I don't think it's really a bug, but the way things work. According to the Express Scribe help, when you choose the Display option of Recording Time (Options > Display, then choose Recording Time), you will see "The absolute, real time when the current playback position was actually being recorded." The problem is that if you copy and paste (or drag and drop) a file from your recording device to Windows, Windows does this: o Puts the "absolute, real time" in Date Modified o Puts the date you copied the file from the device to Windows in Date Created Express Scribe seems to be picking up the Windows Date Created time, which normally makes sense: This is the time you pressed Record and the file was created. However, when you just copy the file to Windows, Windows fills the Date Created time with the date and time that the file was created on Windows, not the date and time that the file was created on your recording device. So, if you have recording devices that are treated as an external drive when you go to upload them (that is, you don't require special software), you have to cut and paste to get the correct time to show in Express Scribe.
  8. Update: I'm still using Windows 7. I'm now using Express Scribe Pro 5.48. I tested this on the WS-110 and also my new recorder, Olympus VN-8000PC. If I move (cut and paste) the file from the device to Windows, it works as I expected. The file shows its true date and time in Windows (Date Modified and Date Created) and in Express Scribe. If I *COPY* the file (copy and paste or drag and drop) from the device to Windows, though, Windows shows the correct time in Date Modified, but shows the time it was copied over in Date Created. Express Scribe picks up the date and time I copied it over, not the real date and time. In other words, Express Scribe displays the Date Created time, not the Date Modified time.
  9. The action you're describing to me sounds like a pause. Do you mean stop? When I press F4 (the hot key to stop), it stops and doesn't start again until I press F9. Which key are you pressing? If you look at Options > Playback > Hot-Keys, which command is assigned to it? I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm on Windows 7.
  10. Normally this is how you change account names, but I see that Unallocated won't let you change it. 1. Select Account -> List Accounts. 2. A window called HourGuard Time Sheet Accounts opens. 3. In the list, click the account whose name you want to change. The buttons become visible. Click Edit. 4. The Account Properties window opens. Enter the new name. My guess is that Unallocated is a protected account. So the question becomes, "How do I move tasks to a different account?" I accidentally created a task under Unallocated myself. I have three entries for the task, and I want to move them to a different account. If I can figure out how to do that, I'll post the answer here. If not, I'll make a suggestion that they add this feature.
  11. I just did a little test. I'm using Windows 7 Professional, SP1, 32-bit. I displayed the Windows clock face so that I could watch the seconds, and recorded exactly a 1-minute file. I started recording at 14:40. I finished recording at 14:41. I connected my recorder to Windows. It shows up as a regular USB drive and shows the start time as 14:39. (That could probably be explained by my recorder's clock being set a few seconds slower than my Windows clock.) I dragged and dropped the file onto Windows, and then from there, dragged and dropped it into Express Scribe, where the Option is set to show the Recording time. Express Scribe shows the Recording time as 14:42. I made a copy of the file and loaded that at 14:56. The Recording time shows as 14:56! So is the Time that you see in the list of dictations the time that the file is loaded? That means that if I have 5 files that I record during the day, and I load them all at 17:30, they'll all show 17:30-ish as the Recording time?
  12. [i made a mistake in the topic title -- it should say "Display wrong recording time"] I don't know if this is a problem with my voice recorder, Windows 7, or Express Scribe 5.30 (free version; I have the paid version, too, but haven't installed it yet). During a meeting I both took notes and recorded an audio file with my Olympus WS-110 Digital Video Voice Recorder. In my notes, I would jot down the time if there was something that I wanted to go back to later. For example, I wrote down 10:45 next to a something I wanted to look up. When I found the section of the recording containing the discussion, Express Scribe showed the elapsed time as 15:00 (3 pm). Thoroughly confused, I looked at Windows 7 to see what the date stamp of the recording file is. Oddly enough, it's 13:01 (1 pm). In other words, the discussion I want happened at: According to my note to myself -- 10:45 am According to Express Scribe -- 15:00 (3 pm) According to Windows 7 -- Not long after 13:01 (1 pm) I've verified that my WS-110 has the correct time and date. Windows 7 has the correct time and date. To upload a file from the WS-110, you just plug it in a USB port and drag and drop the files into the Windows file system. The duration of the file is 77:16. Even if the WS-110 is doing something odd like time-stamping the file with the time the recording stopped instead of the time the recording started, I can't make sense of these times. Where does Express Scribe obtain the Recording Time from? Or, what do I need to do so that what I think is the Recording Time is the Recording Time that Express Scribe displays?
  13. Same here. This would be a good thing to add in the online help. (I, too, prefer my right pedal to be fast forward.)
  14. I had trouble getting my VEC Infinity USB pedal to be recognized by Windows 7. I spent about an hour looking for drivers and updates and then discovered the problem had nothing to do with either. I wanted to share the solution here because it's something I never would have thought of. I love Express Scribe and don't want people blaming it for something that has nothing to do with it. I was plugging my foot pedal into a USB hub (D-Link USB 2.0 hub). I've been having trouble charging my iPod Touch off the same hub and read somewhere that some hubs might not have enough power. I unplugged my VEC from the USB hub and plugged it into the front of my computer and Windows 7 immediately recognized it and Express Scribe had no problem configuring it or using it.
  15. That's it! It's the same as for Vista, but for some reason, I didn't see the ProgramData folder when I looked the first time. I'll have to add that to my backup, too.
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