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  1. Yes! I would like this program.
  2. FYI - Double Down Radio uses Clear for it's mobile broadcasts and is very happy with it.
  3. You have to go into your Clear modem. It has a router in it that needs to be configured just as you configured your WRT. Open your WRT menu and find the Default Gateway. Open your internet browser and type the IP for the Default Gateway and this should open your router (a Motorola, right!) the password is not something I would like to give out on a public forum so I will email it to you so you know my email is f----loader@hotmail.com. Once inside you should be able to find the settings. As a last resort you may have to call CLEAR for help but chances are they will not give you the information I just did, for some reason they like to keep it under wraps even though it's YOUR modem.
  4. Nice Job!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!
  5. Haven't tried it yet but if it works BIG thanks and Happy New Year www.doubledownradioshow.com
  6. Free version worked just fine for several months so I purchased so I could use a URL like this: www.doubledownradioshow.com
  7. I didn't work for me but then it has been over a year since you posted.
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