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  1. I am afraid I have to agree with Goldeneagle. I recently purchased VideoPad, Debut and PhotoStage. I had some questions, so decided to sign up for the forum. Well I did not get my activation email (tried it several times, and no I do not have spam filters). I had to purchase support (receipt for support came through just fine!) to get hooked up to the forums. I also asked a couple other questions in my "paid for" email, and they were not answered. Also, there was no email response that I was now connected to the forum - I just happened to try it. Actually there was no response at all other than the $$receipt. However, this being my first experiences with video editing, I rather like VideoPad even though there are a few quirks. I wanted to add a "logo" as an overlay to my video that is a gif file with a transparent background, but the background shows up as white. Debut was working great till I got a new higher powered system recently. Now the video/audio start drifting when I play the created file.
  2. I read a couple of other entries on this which did not provide any help. I just upgraded my motherboard, graphics and audio. On my old system, Debut worked perfectly. Now, with this much more powerful system, the video/audio stay in synch for exactly 20 seconds then they start drifting - the video dragging behind. This only occurs when I review the recorded MP4 file. It seems to work good while I am actually recording. I have tried recording in different formats such as .flv. Nothing seems to matter. I have also tried messing with the frame rates. Nothing. I have tried several different encoder options with average bitrates set high and low. The video and audio stay in synch if I use the software that comes with the camera - Rocketfish HD webcam Motherboard is an ASUS with an AMD quad-core processor. Graphics integrated ATI 760G chipset - Raedon 3200 controller Windows XP sp3 I did download and install the latest graphics driver updates. Any insight appreciated.
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