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  1. Someone, please help or tell me how to get in contact from someone from NCH Software. I am very disappointed after buying this software and not getting any replies from NCH in over 10 days. Thank you, Spencer
  2. Hi, Total newbie here. I recently purchased Switch and converted my 10,000 song itunes library of mostly AIFF files (along w/some mp)to FLAC in new folders where I checked the box to copy the folder structure. When I look at the contents of the new Flac folders, all the subfolders of artist and album look like they correctly copied the same structure that I had in itunes. Songs are there and play ok, but when I copy them to my Cowon J3, or look at them in MP3tag, it looks like there are no tags on the files. In the player, I see all songs when I view by "Song", by no artists nor albums are listed when I view those modes. Can someone please help me? Thanks, Spencer
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