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  1. I am afraid you sent your reply to the wrong question, as, I had found my own answer and never asked about anything about Macs. ??
  2. Yes I Can once I have clicked on all things clickable and learn a little.
  3. SOLVED!!!! Amazing how the mysterious becomes commonplace with a bit of time and searching. The manual tells you 'what',but, not 'how'- keep playing with it.
  4. I would like to import several low tones and grey noise into my WavePad editor in order to make a soothing ambient disc. So far all I can save is a data file that re-opens the Tone Generator. Can I do what I want do, or, do I need to go elsewhere? Thanks,
  5. I first wish to import several various tones from the NCH Tone Generator to mix a relaxing ambient background before I get into the meat of music, etc, editing. So far I can easily find info for importing music files from CDs, etc. I do not seem to see how to import tones. Will someone please cure my ignorance?
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