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  1. Did anyone ever answer this question? I have just upgraded on Mac from 1.38 to 1.41 and similar thing. I saved my old data files and replaced them in the new version, but it still opens with old account names from a long time ago. It has the time entries for work done but just Untitled. Any help out there?? I did this because since upgrading to Mavericks on Mac the on/off indicator (green icon in the dock when using the program) wasn't working.


    I can open the old version and it has everything correct, so why won't the data update when I save into the new version's folder?

  2. Thank you so much for this thread! Even though I'm on a Mac I desperately needed this information. I thought I was just upgrading HourGuard, but because I'd just installed the new Lion OS, it actually replaced the whole program and data - wiped everything! Luckily I eventually found the data files on my Time Machine backup (under HD/Library/Application Support/NCH Software/HourGuard. On the Mac it has the three sub-folders of Accounts, Tasks and Timesheets all in there and an Options.dat file.


    I couldn't just reinstall an older version as it is a PowerPC program and no longer supported under Lion. I figured that if I copied the data to a PC with HourGuard it would work but it was the essential ingredient of having the Timesheets folder in a different location that I needed. Now I am able to at least do a report and find my time for the past two weeks and insert that into the program on my Mac and my billing won't be affected. *whew*!!


    You guys rock - thank you! It may have been a long workaround, but at least I got there! (Don't forget to take notes on the solution!) :D




    A very relieved Mac / NCH user!

  3. Hi and sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm a bit of a novice with upgrading etc. Previously I've been able to upgrade my versions and my old data was still in the new version. However, today I have upgraded to Mac OX Lion and realised my HourGuard wasn't compatible. I downloaded the newest version and it asked if I wanted to replace the file and I said yes. Mistake!


    Now when I open the new HourGuard it is TOTALLY NEW - doesn't have any of my old Tasks or time that I haven't yet billed for. I finally found the HourGuard data folder in my Time Machine backups but I can't restore the old information because it's not a 'backup file'. I obviously can't create a backup file if I can't open the old version of the program. I don't have Applications backing up in Time Machine, so I can't just restore the old version.


    Can anyone help me? I obviously need the new version but still need my old data. Suggestions please?? I don't know how my clients will go if I am just guessing what to bill them!


    Am I able to somehow get the old data into the new version?


    Many thanks in advance,


  4. Hi, I see that you have no response to this. I have the same question. Normally NCH have been great for software, but I am totally confused with Express Invoicing and Express Accounts. In Windows I could download together and they link, as per the instructions. This is great to research for my clients, however I am on a Mac and downloaded both programs for my own use, but now find I can't link payments from the invoicing to the accounts. Very inconvenient. By the time you buy both programs you could purchase another basic accounting program. Why can things work on Windows and not on a Mac?


    I am also confused over what the difference is between the free and paid versions, but suppose I will keep looking. Things shouldn't be so sneaky - it should be all out in the open and clearly stated - that's what the Department of Fair Trading says anyway. Wonder if that day will ever come?


    Will wait for a response and hopefully a solution.

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