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  1. Hi AAKAlan, Your suggested action works !!! ThankYou again - and as yet, no apparent bad impact on my pc performance. Thank You, Lisa (GoBulldogs)
  2. Hi AAKAlan, Thank You for this reply - it is really appreciated. I'm awaiting help form my Company's IT Support to enable access for me to make trial your suggestion (it looks like I need admin access to change it). If I do conduct this trial I will share outcome on this user forum. One question you may be able to help with is, if I do make change you suggest, and if I keep this change (rather than use it only when I'm capturing video clips on my pc screen), do you know if it will impair performance of my pc in any way? Thanks, Lisa (GoBulldogs)
  3. Just purchased debut software yesterday and not capturing visual, only audio. Have read NCH techhelp "This is caused by differences between the frame rate of the original file and the capture settings. Please check what the frame rate of the original file is, and ensure that the video capture settings in Debut are similar." & tried various fps in "edit output" option in debut with no success. Endeavouring to capture video cast with operating system windows XP. Have tried all permutations changing Debut options (the many options "record as...", enocder options, edit output - change frame rate...), incl setting "no compatibility mode" for debut on my pc. Thought I'd found a work around to download as flv (default settings incl encoder, frame rate of 30fps)then used prism convert software to convert to avi. Then audio & visual seem to work. However tried later (I think same options) and did not work. Not sure if this extra info. is relevant....have vlc & media player on pc. Dell notebook pc vostro 1510 model, supported mode 1280x800 (60Hz). Hope to hear from NCH Tech Support - Thank you in anticipation of some help soon.
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