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  1. To Update this: this was a matter of some new software that accompanied a different video capture device resetting some of the parameters that were previously set on Debut, and had to be located and reset. "Deinterlacing" was the key setting for solving this.
  2. My captures on Debut are suddenly showing motion artifacts (this was never a problem before). It appears small in the initial capture, but the lines become very broad & distorted when rendered into a DVD. The settings haven't changed from the time of my last good capture. I set the field order as "Upper Field First" in the DVD render. As far as I can tell, Debut has no field order settings. Resolution is 640x480 (though I've tried others but no change), NTSC, bitrates: 2500 average/4000 max. I've removed & reinstalled the software, done system restores, tried different
  3. Thanks NCHLZ, removing those registry files did the trick. Appreciate the help.
  4. I cannot get Debut Video Capture to record beyond 1 hour, even though "Maximum Recording Time" is unchecked. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the software, and searched for other solutions, but haven't been able to fix this. It DID record uninterrupted for the first 3 days I used it, but then the 1 hour limit began and has remained since. Does anyone know of a solution to this? Thanks.
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