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  1. nchjps

    Drop outs

    There is no indication at all of any problem in the Soundtap window - all the messages indicate normal operation. It is only when I look at the file in WavePad that these drop-outs are evident. I could send you an example file if you want to see the file for yourself. It seems to happen whenever I do a recording. I have cable internet connection, and am using a dual processor PC, so speed shouldn't be an issue. It happens with both mp3 and wav recording.
  2. nchjps

    Drop outs

    I am a new user of SoundTap. I am recording to mp3 from streaming radio. When I look at the recorded signal in WavePad, there are signal drop-outs of about 50 seconds duration every few minutes regularly through the signal. Why is this happening and how can I fix this problem? I have broadband connection, and the audio signal is fine and continuous.
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