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  1. Thank you so much! This worked for me also! I am in school for transcription and recently had test .wav files sent to me from a potential employer and I could not open them in anything. I also have Windows 7 as of recently, but they wouldn't open on my other computer either which is a vista. So this may work for that computer too. All other .wav files opened with ES except these. But all other .wav files were from disks from school. I uploaded GSpot to determine what type of codec these files were using and it said "DSP Group TrueSpeech". The bytescribe website you recommended was the only one
  2. A friend of mine received the same files and they work on hers. I re-downloaded them and they still didn't work, yet the same files work for others.
  3. I have several files that I need to open to transcribe for a potential job. They are simple .wav files and any other .wav file I open works fine. These files work fine for another person using ES. Mine say "Opening Audio File Failed" and I have tried disabling anti-virus, tried opening in windows media player, turned off user account security, restarted computer, reinstalled ES, and ever tried on a totally different computer in my home and these particular .wav's will not open. How can this be explained because if I don't turn these in, I will not get the job. My work computer uses Windows
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