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  1. Can Debut reverse/flip the image vertically?  I have a Logitech C922 that I have mounted in the ceiling.  However, the image is upside down.  Is there a way to "flip" the image either horizontally or vertically?


  2. 1 hour ago, Chris75 said:

    Hello Esskaykay, Sadly, Debut does not offer the option to record at anything higher than 30 frames per second when recording from a webcam.

    Got it - that really would be nice but....  I'm attempting to video my drumming which 60fps would be helpful.

    Thank you Chris,

  3. Can Debut Video Capture webcam imagery at 60fps?  I have a Logitech C922 which is capable of such.  However, I do not see how to set the frame rate that high in the Debut software.  It appears to max out at 30fps.  Is this possible?


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