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  1. Dear MCGCS, Thanks for your reply, so I went out shortly after your message and picked up a USB bar code scanner, not sure what to expect and it worked a treat. Initially I thought I would have to print off all my own barcode labels and in fact found a web site where you could do this for free, however i soon realized that if I open the 'add items' in my express accounts and while the cursor is highlighting the 'item code' and I then scan an existing bar code from a product, that this can be used as the item code and I can then name the item what I want to. Thanks again.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has set up a barcode scanner to their Express Accounts package. This is to enable me to scan items that will automatically display on my invoice page and if possible to control 'items'. I would like to be able to use a USB barcode scanner. Basically NCH have advised that it is possible, but I have no idea how to do it ???
  3. Thanks DahGameboy. That worked a treat. As well as assisting in my initial request, I am also now able as mentioned to monitor sales of different product selections. Regards, Colm44.
  4. Hi Telmon 1, Normally when i am raising a new invoice, you should be able to select from the drop down menu (located on the top right corner of your new invoice template)on the "terms" tab to select e.g due in 30 days, Paid etc. Hope this helps. Regards, Colm44
  5. Hi, I have just downloaded Express accounts onto my new PC. I have used this accounts package in the past. I just tried to enter my first "Item" and entered the Part number, Description and price, however there is no "account code" showing, althought i believe there should be a default "general sales" account there. Is there a place where i should be entering there account codes. Thanks in advance for any help. Colm44.
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