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  1. The stair height can be adjusted on the Stairs Properties panel in the "Stairway Height" field.
  2. You can change the wall height in the Stories tab. If you need differing wall heights you can create a new Story with the same elevation.
  3. What speed are you attempting to burn at? One possible fix is to try burning at 1X. If this works, you can try at 2x, 4x, etc. If that doesn't help, please file a ticket with customer support.
  4. Hi, The new roof system is almost complete. Our estimate is it will be ready by mid-December, 2015.
  5. Hi, We are working on a more comprehensive roof building system. We are looking to add that in sometime in the next few months.
  6. Hi, We have changes in wall thickness and height slated for a future release. At this time, I'm not sure when we will get it put in.
  7. Hi, Both of these items are slated for a future release. At this time I don't have a specific date on when they will get added, but it should be within a couple of months.
  8. N_C_H_DS

    garage door

    They will be included in a future content expansion package.
  9. N_C_H_DS


    Updates are free for 90 days after purchase. It is strongly recommended that you make a backup of your current version before updating.
  10. Hi, Thanks for using Express Burn and your interest in getting a Portuguese version. Unfortunately, due to the way our development and translation procedures work, all translation must be done internally. However, we have been looking at the feasibility of translating our products into Portuguese at some point in the future. This may or may not happen, but it's something we consider.
  11. Yes. But note that the trial starts from the first day you installed it. So, if you uninstall on the 8th day and reinstall 5 days later, you will only have 1 day remaining.
  12. All NCH products have a 14 day trial period.
  13. Are you able to test this with a different burner?
  14. Hello all, Many people have asked how to save and load projects. Well, I'm happy to report that we've finally added this feature to Express Burn!
  15. N_C_H_DS

    MP3 CDs

    Good news! We now have an MP3 Disc feature built directly into Express Burn. Just load any audio file and Burn will create an MP3 CD for you.
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