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  1. sma

    cant get 7940 to register

    anyone? any help at all?
  2. Hi Guys, I have just downloaded the Axon pbx for the first time as a company I am working for at the moment would like a very cheap pbx setup for a site that only has 5 users. I have axon set up and working great with softphones but the cisco 7940's just wont register with it Below are the cnf files im using for the phone along with the pumkin tftp server for my test lab for this project (a better tftp will be used in the final version but this is just a proof of concept that axon will work. I have had these cnf files working fine with 3CX pbx but they are to expensive for what this remote site is willing to pay I had to push them to buy reburbished cisco gear instead of some random crap they wanted to buy. Any help would be very much appreciated, Sorry if I have missed anything you need to help, just let me know ill do what I can to include it for you. #SIPMACADDRESS.cnf image_version: P0S3-8-12-00 line1_name: 101 line1_authname: 101 line1_password: 1234 line2_name: 103 line2_authname: 103 line2_password: 1234 image_version:P0S3-08-12-00 proxy1_address:; proxy1_port: 5060 proxy_register: 1 preferred_codec: g711alaw timer_register_expire: 60 Cheers Chris
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