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  1. Yep, looks like it's time to go back to reviewing other recording options... UNLESS NCH WANTS TO REPLY TO THIS TOPIC!? Aaron
  2. Can't map record button on HTC Touch so Pocket dictate is unfortuanately useless. Really want to be able to use this program. Any chance can get it to work with the record button on this platform? (I can run a test program if you want to try to "trap" the buttons and see what happens) Alternatively, if I could map start and stop to different buttons (not tap-and-hold), I can use AEButtonPlus to map up and down to specific buttons (even virtual buttons) that can be used by PDictate as "start" and "stop"... Aaron
  3. I started using Pocket Dictate on my WM5 device and it seemed to be working, but when I try to "send" (even just to a card) it takes FOREVER...this can't be right... I too hope to get this for WM5 I also hope that someone from NCH at least replies to this board??? A Green, MD
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