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  1. I'm having almost the same problem. For example, these dropdown lists are displayed in random order: Accounts in the View Journal dialog Accounts in the Journal Entry form Customers in the New Invoice form and Invoices enquiry list (shout alphabetical in Customers list view Suppliers in Accounts Payable, though alphabetical in Payments and Purchases form Accounts in Account Enquiry report etc … This is causing a lot of extra work to find and pick from the jumbled lists
  2. I have been using Express Accounts on my PC for around 3 years, and was very satisfied with it for my small business. It is great value for money. I then migrated from PC to Mac. The Mac version was not a all happy about importing the PC backup, but after trying with several versions at NCH support recommendation, I was able to import the data into version 4.60. However, although in Report View the Help screen says "You can save a report as a PDF or CSV file by clicking the Save button" you can't! It will only save as PDF. There is a setting in Preferences>Other>Advanced Sett
  3. I was having this problem. Downloading version 4.60 (Intel) seems to have resolved it Trouble is v4.60 seems unable to export to csv. I'll raise this in a new thread if Ii donl;t find any solutions.
  4. For what it is worth, Henry, I have not yet received any response to my enquiry. I suspect that the NCH software developers do not review the forum postings, and the other Express Accounts users are resigned to the limited functionality. It's pity really because in most respects the program is very good, and certainly economical, and I'm sure that adding the features we want (and using only information already collected by the system) would make it a far more successful product for NCH.
  5. The balance sheet report displays a Retained Earnings item that seems to be simply a multiple of the net assets figure, adjusted by a Historical Balancing figure. Is there an explanation for these items?
  6. I am using version 3.41 on XP The help screen advises the use of the accounting report to summarise VAT details. However, there is no accounting report or similar in v3.41. Anyone else found how to report VAT details There is an accounting report on v3.29 which I already have installed on another machine! H
  7. EA collects supplier details, and provides a supplier name drop down list when posting purchases Other than a journal view, is there a report that summarises purchases? Is there any report on purchases or expenses? I am using version 3.41 on XP H
  8. I recently bought Express Accounts 3.29 and took advantage of "add on" discount to get Express Invoice 3.01. I entered data on Accounts and it all seems to be working just fine. But when I began setting up Invoice I was surprised that it doesn't share the customer data table. Inventoria (I downloaded the trial version) does not share the Accounts customer or supplier tables either. NCH's answers to FAQs say that these applications can't presently be "run from one program" (whatever that means), but that using the Update Express Accounts check box in the Apply Payments page of Invoice i
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