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  1. mrdande


    It is now working. Don't have a clue why it just started by itself. I did change some setting in Windows Firewall. TY
  2. mrdande


    Everything works except cannot connect to flash player. It does work with, Is the flashplayer, nchplayer.swf, supposed to be on my computer or on the nch website? TIA
  3. What is the next step if mic doesn't get live sound? No problem with sound when broadcasting a video file. Would love to get this resolvined before purchasing a regestered version. TY
  4. mrdande


    Thanks for the input. You were correct. I had version 2.06. I updated to 2.20 and now have the items in the context menu that you stated. Thanks again. I was using anyvideo converter to save from any video type file to any type sound file. Now I can us the same program to do it all. Merry Christmas
  5. mrdande


    Thanks, Sounds simple enough. But, After right click on file in media list the context menu doesn't give me the option to save as separate file. The options it gives me are, Add item(s)to Sequence, Remove Item(s), Add file(s), Stablize Videos, Remove item, and File details. I do have the paid for version of VideoPad Video editor.
  6. mrdande


    After unlinking the sound from the video can the sound be saved without the video? TIA for any response
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