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  1. I have been trying out a popular Voice Over IP product called Skype (www.Skype.com). Works well, but I'm interested in catching product testimonials by recording Skype calls. All the following products record the calls fine: Windows Sound Recorder, RecordPad, TrxRecorder, I-Sound, Replay Telerecorder - but with a very disruptive echo for the remote person. Very strange, with all software the conversation is fine then start the recorder and a disruptive echo occurs for the remote person. The echo continues even after the recording is stopped and the recording software shut down. The ec
  2. I have been trying to record Skype calls with a variety of software all with the same result of a disruptive echo. So, I thought I'd give up and try recording from a regular phone to PC using TRX Recorder. The modem list said Conexant is generally good, but my Conexant SoftK56 Modem(M) does not seem to be compliant. Anyone know if I'm toast with this modem? If I replace it, the list seemed to have issues with all the modems. What are a couple of popular modems that work well with TRX Recorder? Buy the way, I also tried a RadioShack Recording Control ("Smart" Phone Recording Cont
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