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  1. Still had no success with the inbuilt file splitting in GR and was able to add as many cursor points as I needed, but they didn't match the starts and ends of songs. In the end I downloaded the free wave splitter program and that has proven reasonably successful, just need to play with the seconds between songs and DB level to sense "silence".
  2. Hi GR People 1. What are the best settings for getting GR to split files, specifically the noise floor and the recording level? My attempts so far have failed to have individual tracks created. 2. I have recorded whole sides of LP's but when I put cursor points in to split the file, the files do not split at the breaks I select, either by volume, or by the actual length of the track from the LP. So is this a problem on the trial version or generally. 3. If I "fast forward" the play function to save time the sound and the time stamp do not match at all, so cursor points become a waste of time. Looking forward to some help. Cheers Woody
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