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  1. Thanks Phill & Eduardo. Finally Axon is working OK and "dialOut" by SPA3000 is OK. Solution: 1) I renamed the names of the Dial plan and the external line to "default", but don't work. At this point, the "DP" worked, but when Axon make a "DialOut", it reply with busy tone. and In the Axon console i see inmediately call is disconnected. 2) Finally, in the external line definition, I set the server with de IP of the Sipura SPA3000. and all work OK. Time to time, in the console of the Axon i see: register attemp for sip:500@ failed (501 not implemented), but all work OK. ( is the IP assigned to Sipura SPA3K, and 500 is the User Name defined in suscriber information in the tab PSTN Line (FXO) in the Sipura SPA3000) My next test will be to add to AXON one second line, with another FXO. He is annoying that obligatorily the firs line and DP must be called "default". But if this a bug it could cause that the second line does not work. i report my test to you in the next week. Thank you very much - Hernan
  2. Hi Eduardo, thanks for your help and excuse me for my bad English. From the beginning, I setup the ports of the SPA3K in 5070 for FXS and 5060 for FXO. About your previous suggestion "New Dial Plan", I have configured, in Axon, a DP that indicates that all the number that begins with "9" it eliminates the first digit and dials Out routing to an external line connected to the SPA3k.The problem is that Axon have never recognized the external line, therefore the DP does not work. Configuration In Axon: Tab External Line: Line Name: SipuraSPA1 Server: ID or User Name:500 Pass: In Coming Call Ring On: 701 (701 is the incoming call group, in this group have defined my extension). I leave the field "Server" blank, but if I set it up with the IP of the SPA3K, axon reports the following error: Attempting to register sip:500@ Register attempt for sip:500@ failed 501 Not Implemented Tab "Dialing Plans" DP Name: SPA1 If numbers start with: 9 ->Remove digits:1 ->Prepend: ->Dial On Line: SipuraSPA1 All SIP extensions have configured in "Outbound Dialing Plan": SPA1 from internal phone I dial: 900541147904665, Axon reply: Unable to find any extensions or groups with the name "900541147904665". I think that the "Dialing Plan SPA1" should have removed the "9" and then sent the number "00541147904665" to the external line "SipuraSPA1" and SPA3K should to make the "Dialout" to the lagacy phone line, but Axon does not apply the "Dial Plan" and thinks that I refer to an internal line or group. I think that the incoming calls from the FXO are working due to the "DP" configured in the sipura, but Axon cannot dial out because doesn't apply any "Dial Out DP" because it does not recognize to have any external line. I believe that it would be enough to create an external line to the IP of the SPA3K and if in this way Axon managed to register in the SPA3K, then everything should work OK, but I couldn't archieve to register Axon in the SPA3K. How did you managed to create the external line that registers in the SPA3K? Thank you for your patience and help. Hernan
  3. I have a SPA3000 [software Version: 2.0.13(GWg) Hardware Version: 2.0.1(1809)] connected to my Axon v1.06. The FXS works OK. The interface FXO, routing OK all incoming calls to the Axon (by means of a "Dial Plan" configured in the SPA3K [s0<:500@AxonIP:5060> "500" is a valid User-ID (without password) in Axon and 5060 is the default axon port]). But I can't make outbound calls from Axon to the real Phone Line. Never I could that Axon saw the SPA3K as an external line and therefore the "Dialing Plans" of Axon never works. I have tried many configurations and no has worked. Please, what I must make to solve this problem? THS. Hernan Sanchez - hshome@ita.com.ar
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