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  1. N2KI

    Timer Clock

    Is there anyway to get the time clock to reflect the actual local time rather than the bogus numbers its putting up? Thank you.
  2. N2KI

    Embed Problem

    I need some further help with embedding streaming video from Broadcam. I am able to get the image from the streaming jpg but it is not actually streaming. It is a still image. In order to get a new image I must refresh the page. How can I get it so the images are streaming like when i connect to the broadcam server direct? Thanks
  3. I was able to get the JPG image to display but it is not streaming. It is just a single snapshot. The src=1 & speed=1 but its not streaming. What am I doing incorrect? Thank you please.
  4. Can someone help me a little further with this? I have made the necessary alteration but the jpg video is not appearing. I get a broken link icon. Here is a copy of my code. Thank you. <script language="javascript" src="ajax.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript">function doTimer() { loadhtml("viewerpoll.html?speed=1&title=BroadCam%20Video%20Streaming%20Server%20Live%201&type=2"); } setInterval("doTimer()", 2000); </script><script type="text/javascript"> var c = 86063562; var pl = new Image(); var browser=navigator.appName;function updatelink() { if (browser != "Microsoft Internet Explorer") { document.img.src = "broadcam.jpg?src=1&speed=1"; return; } pl.onload=display; pl.src = "http://www.myip.com:8070/broadcamframe.jpg?src=1&speed=1&id=" + c; c++; } function display() { document.img.src = pl.src; setTimeout('updatelink()', 50); } function StartScreen() { setTimeout('updatelink()', 0); } onLoad=StartScreen(); </script>
  5. N2KI

    Editing The HTML

    When accessing either the streaming video or the streaming JPG webpage, I see i am able to add my own splash display. Is there a way to edit the web page? Thank you.
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