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  1. Hi All, Have been searching for a solution to this problem with no success. At the point where its driving me mad. For Authenticity and minimal interference, have a fresh copy of Axon V2.12 installed on a Window Server 2003. Have also done 3 Fresh installs to confirm no glitches in OS system (also tried on server 2008). Axon is working fine for incoming and outgoing calls to my SIP Provider. However, When sending an incoming call to the Queue (701 by default) the user is played the default greeting, and IMS kicks in and plays the on hold music. so far so good. At the same time 2 extensions will ring (101, 102) (have tried both round robin and ring all at once settings) From either station (Station 101 is a Cisco SPA962 and station 102 is Express Talk installed on Vista Ultimate SP1 box) picking up the incoming call, no audio can be heard either direction. if call is transferred back to queue or if voice mail picks up, still no audio. However. if i choose not to send incoming calls to the que (701) and instead an extension (have tried 101, 102, 500, 501, 197), there is no audio loss. perfect call. So to sum it all up, If a call goes to queue, once picked up and answered either by a physical answer or voicemail. no audio in both directions. but if the incoming call is redirect to an extension. no problems at all. the server Axon resides on has its firewalls turned off, and there is no hardware firewalls except for the DSL Gateway, however problem does not seem to fit that of a firewall. Any helps is greatly apreciated.
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