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  1. If you take one of your old unpaid invoices and save as a draft, then 'record' you end up with two different invoice numbers for the same invoice. One of which appears is your unpaid records list and the original one which does not appear there even though it should. Time to search for a new, user friendly accounting software package, with a good support base I think! Good luck Mick and Graham if you're sticking with NCH and Express Accounts.
  2. Darn, I just installed 3.26! If the software is going that far downhill it's starting to make sense why they don't keep the version change details up to date, and haven't done so since around V.2.08. Maybe I'll trust my Kaspersky software from now on when it tells me not to install this software, instead of pausing my protections so that I can install it!
  3. I believe this will only work if your computer with the program on it is working.
  4. Hope you've sent that one in as a bug report. As you're not likely to get much response from posting it on the forums. Don't forget "What this forum is NOT..." - This forum is NOT to be used as your primary means of contacting NCH. If you want to get in touch with us, please do so through our tech support and FAQ pages. Hopefully you'll get a response from them because this does seem to be quite an important errror. I've sent them a bug relating to the profit and loss in the past, but didn't receive a response. Good Luck!
  5. Just type the new salesperson name in the Sales Person Window of a New Invoice. That seems to register the new name for future use.
  6. I guess it's a double edged sword situation isn't it. We don't want to pay for a product which doesn't have all the features we need, & seems to have poor support with it. While they don't want to keep working on a product no-one wants to buy!
  7. In Version 2.23 there was an option to keep the free version installed. I've just found that there is a v2.24 (Mind you the updates page still lists 2.18 as the most recent), so I installed 2.24 and the first thing it did was told me that my trial period had ended, gave me the list you mention, but didn't have the keep free version option. So I cancelled the uninstall and got the free version running anyway. Few bugs in the system. I don't need the stuff you get if you pay for it, but I'd pay for the program if Accounts/Invoices/Inventoria were all connected, and had a BAS facility, since the ATO is abandoning their free e-Records I'm now looking seriously for something that'll help me out with BAS!
  8. lfp


    For me at the moment the main thing is: 1) Terms & Conditions - A tab under Options which allowed me to create Terms & Conditions to be printed on Invoices, Quotes etc. A tickbox to turn it on or off at any given time would be great and the choice of where to print it. I'd like to be able to print Terms & Conditions on the reverse side of the document.
  9. Don't know if this will help but I entered all my items into Inventoria then copied the .dat files from C: ProgramData > NCH Software > Inventoria > Items into both the ExpressAccounts & ExpressInvoices folders which are also under ProgramData > NCH Software folder So that I wouldn't have to re-create all the items again. Something similar may help with your issue... if you still have it.
  10. Did you ever figure this out? If not go to Options Select the Company Tab You can choose your Fiscal Year End: in that screen. Which in effect selects your new starting year.
  11. If you're still looking, try here: ProgramData > NCH Software > ExpressAccounts Items are in the Items folder Invoices in Invoices folder etc. etc. You may need to change your Folder Viewing Options to 'Show hidden files, folders, and drives in order to be able to see the ProgramData folder.
  12. I know this may be an old request and an answer may no longer be needed by you. But I think we should all try to answer any questions we can and make this forum more useful to anyone in the future who may have the same question. The answer is Yes you can. Select Options Then click on the Order tab You'll see two relevant lines for your query. Order Number: if you set a number here that's the first number your invoices will start at. And Number Prefix (optional): If you set a number here all your invoices will start with that number. Hope this helps you if you haven't already figured it out.
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