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  1. Hi DJ, Firstly thank you for getting back to me with reference to this . The report that EA generates does in deed show all these items but it is to very little use and this is what we need to work together to resolve. Currently the report that EA generates is a transaction report - showing the date of sales, invoice numbers, account balance, total invoices and total payments(With no reference) this is my problem you see. When we want to know what invoices are still outstanding and send a statement to our customers there is no way of showing just this. What we need to
  2. Reply - Worked with your issue this morning and I could find a report like the one you describe. To me it sounds like an excellent report to have so I will send it to the suggestion box.
  3. Email sent to NCH regarding an Age debtors report as there is no way of seeing a correct simple up todate balance view.... Mick Dear Team, I need to know if we are able to produce the following report A statement for a specific customer, showing the outstanding balance and the associated invoices against that balance. Currently the statements that the system produces is a transaction list opposed to a list of currently outstanding invoices. It is important that we have a statement report that we can send off to our clients on a monthly bases. Please can you let
  4. Hi all, Am I doing this right My question is when I purchase something from a supplier I get given an invoice. I currently post this invoice in the payments section of EA and assign the total balance to their account. Now my question is - say I brought this item for the business ie, a desk or a printer. I still get the invoice sent through to me and I still post it in the purchase section of EA. Under their account but how do I get EA to know that the item I have just purchased is for the business ? Is there a special way of inputting this ? Thanks Mick
  5. Hi There, What we need to look at then is an easy way for us to be able to remove these invoices from our 'awaiting payment' list. If we can do this then we can at least get half way there with the developers logic in marking invoices paid and not paid. If we could have a tick box or simular so that we can make these changes our end so that we can start using the new product. keep in mind however for this to work correctly the tick box shouldnt make any changes to our balance sheets as they would have already been accounted for. Also we will need to concider the following,
  6. Now we are cooking with gas!
  7. Hi DJ / Graham, I agree with the commends below - I think both of us originally completed invoices and marked them as paid using the invoice view oppose to applying a customer payment. This being the case and as you rightly point out we now have data which is in 'Limbo' when you upgrade to the new versions of the invoice. My suggestion would be to allow a column for us to manually mark these invoices (Produced in 3.04) as paid and once marked as paided removed from the invoicing list. This would then bring us back to where we should be with the new version of the system.
  8. Hi Graham, Have you passed this over to the support email ? It looks like NCH hare taking some interest in the forum and also the issues that we are brining up with the software ? Are there any new features ? Mick
  9. This is the follow on email to Support at NCH. Issue with the web access in version 3.04 and 3.28 Dear team I am about to release the software to be used by multiple users however when they go to add new items to an invoice there is no way of typing a description or amend the cost of the item. Nor does it actually put any prices in appart from the item name and thats it! Please see attached screen shot - please can you let me know why this is? This means that I will not be able to have multiple users using the system which I thought is what the web access was for? Many th
  10. I have just tired the new version - so you say that you can part pay an invoice so it looks like they have listened to some of the points we have made. I have tried the web front end to see how the version will work when I start to have multiple users and I have just tried to make an invoice clicking on add a new item. And guess what it doesnt work! Mick
  11. this is a really bad bit of programing logic. I am guessing that they have decided to change the way in which the database works to make something else work or improve another feature. Knowing programers myself there is no reason why an already paid notification can not be added to the system . I am going to submit a suppoort question to them as well. Its surely a simple fix !? They really havent read my last email have they?! Mick
  12. Your joking! Have you emailed support ? Mick
  13. Although I think we welcome your comments GTIM - I have to say that actually the fact that the system doesn this now and in previous systems didnt makes the program very clunky and unusable - I have downgraded back to 3.04 awaiting the new release from NCH -
  14. im not sure why you would want to connect a scanner to the program - as I am aware there is no way to attach or put document handling in the system.
  15. Hi Graham, Go back to 3.04 it works well - come April I will clear all my data down and start a fresh for the new year. If you look in the NCH folder in program files you should see the version there. I agree that 3.26 is stupidly buggy and it should never have been allowed out to market with out these things being looked at. mick
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