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  1. I'm putting together a DVD and the source files are quite plentiful - over 500 separate video clips (some running over an hour), probably as many photos again, and perhaps 100 music tracks. Can anyone tell me if there are absolute / advised limits on: - Maximum number of clips in a project - Size of a clip in Mb - Length of a clip in minutes - Resolution of a picture - Total number of clips in use in a project (EG actually added to the timeline) After a few crashes / lost files (which has so far been fixed by an update) I have taken to doing the project as ~10-minute blocks / chapters and saving the resultant video for combining later.
  2. I have a project where I am splitting one large WMV file down into smaller clips, however after saving it and coming back the next day, Videopad seems unable to play the clips in the project window. It just has a full screen message in the project video screen saying "Failed to read video frame". I can still view the entire clip, and the sections I have picked out, in the clip window. In the project window it will play the sound but nothing else. I can load & play the clip with Windows Media Player / Movie Maker and VLC. It's version 2.01, currently unregistered (I was considering registering but am now having 2nd thoughts). Edited because this forum won't insert the JPEG screenshot I have uploaded
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