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  1. Just purchased Recordpad in a bundle. Unfortunately, can't use it for the same problem.


    Is NCH technical able to provide any advice? Haven't seen any response to the same isues raised by our two previous queries.


    Would appreciate some response very much from NCH. Don't want to give up the whole bundle for loss just yet. At least, I'll try it here once.

  2. Hello, :huh:

    I have the same problem while recording from the "lineIn" channel of my sound card. Everuthing seem to be correct while recording, with the same parameters than with VRS Recording system (demo version), BUT at the end, no sound is played while reading the file with any player (Microsoft, RealPlayer.. etc). If I analyse the content, it looks very strange : filled by the same sequence of NULL and SOH characters with and EOT in the 4th position...

    I get the same problem with mp3 and wav output formats... I am very hungry because I regitrered and payed for that ... :angry:

    So if you get the solution, it 'll be very kind of you to send it to me

    Regards :rolleyes:


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