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  1. With 'bin', do you mean the media list? I removed a file from both the timeline and the media list. And I cleared the cache. There are no missing files listed in the timeline, but every time I open this project it claims there are files missing.
  2. The last couple of days I've been getting a popup every time I load one of my projects in VideoPad, that says: "Could not locate some of the media files. Clips with missing files will be shown in red color in the media list. To find files manually right click an item in the media list and select 'File details...'." But when the project loads, there are no files listed in red in my media files, and I see no evidence of anything actually missing. Yesterday I did remove a file I had used in this project from my computer, and it did display in red, so I removed that file from the project media list as well. I suspected that this file must still be showing up in my cache, so I cleared my cache, and ticked the option to always clear the cache on closing, but the message about the elusive missing files continues to pop up every time I open that project. All other projects open normally, without any claims of missing files, so I assume this must still be related to that file I had removed. It's not a major emergency, since there really doesn't seem to be anything actually missing, but it's disconcerting to see this warning every time, and I wonder if there's something I can do to make it stop popping up. Thanks for any insight.
  3. I have a number of Videopad projects made in an earlier version of Videopad, as well as on an earlier version of Windows. I tried to open one, and Videopad 'converted' the project. Could someone tell me what Videopad is converting when it does that? I would think there wouldn't be anything so different that it would require conversion. Once the project loaded, none of the files could be found, because part of the path name to the location of the files had changed when I migrated from one Windows version to the other. I figured that I could just move the entire folder over to the same location on the new computer, but Windows rearranged things and now there is no such path anymore. Is there any way to change the path names on these files, preferrably all at once, so I don't have to start totally from scratch? I currently use Videopad 2.41, the home trial version. Thank you.
  4. I just spent many hours putting together a video and when I hit "save project" and went off to do something else for a while, the project never got saved and reverted back to a previous version. I tried again a couple of times, by clicking on "save project", as well as on "save project as" and changing the name. What is getting saved is not the same as what I created. Of 30 seconds only 10 seconds remain saved. The project I'm working on is using a few hundred still images, and the total project is about half a minute long. I've used the program previously with somewhat fewer stills, but longer total time, and have never had a problem. I tried to recover the files in case they somehow got deleted, and found a couple of files that were saved at exactly the time I saved my project. Showed up in "temp/videopadcache" or something close to that. I tried to open them, but they came up completely empty. Can anyone help me please, so I don't spend another long night working, only to lose everything I've done? Thank you.
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