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  1. hi graham i see you point about the compatibility troubleshooter as the new 3.02 accounts does not pick up when you ask the invoice to update it, have done as you said and now works great. hopefully they will sort out the new 3.02 as would rather use the 1 programme but happy for now!
  2. i am having the same issue, upgraded from vista home premium to windows 7 ultimate and had to download a new accounts software that was compatible and found the accounts and invoice software i was using previously is now combined into just the express accounts so rather than use the 2 separatley and waste space on my hard drive, i would like to only use the one and be a little more streamlined however i can only restore either the accounts or the invoice seperatley which in turn wipes the other out, it could work with just the restored accounts as the figures are correct however i have no way
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