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  1. My OS is Win Vista Home Premium, I'm using the trial version of Debut, and I want to record what I hear from my speakers. I think my configuration is wrong; I previosly had been using my headphones for playback & recording, but the recording didn't work for me with Debut, hence I want to record with my headset, but not via the microphone? I had to change my settings because of that. My sound settings are: At Debut > Option > Device tab > Audio section, for Sound Devices the choices are: [Default Sound In] Line in [High Definition Audio Device] Aux [High Definition Audio Device] Microphone [High Definition Audio Device] Audio input has these choices: Windows Record Mixer Master Volume What is Record Volume?
  2. My PCs sound configuration is set to use my headset for playback & recording. I want to use the headset for recording instead of having to switch to my speakers for playback since I don't have them plugged in.
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