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  1. Broadwave works YAY! Now I need to know can I use DirEttore automation system for music, talk over the mic and take calls using Skype and have it all go out through Broadwave simultaneously? If so how in the heck do I set this up, need someone who is willing to help me via multiple emails or Skype. If I can't do this using Broadwave can anypne suggest what I can use as a low cost option? Right now using Blog Talk Radio but want to set up and run my own station, however right now can't afford anything like Live365 etc. Thanks in advance!
  2. Are you using the right URL for the stream you are broadcasting? Know this sounds dumb but when I had this problem I was using say the live broadcast link when what I was actually streaming was the playlist.
  3. Hi Mark, Is the link that you are using for your public IP address? I was having somewhat of the same issue. The IP address in the link on the Broadwave page was for my router not the computer. Use ipaddy.com to find your public IP address and paste that into the link replacing the current IP address. Also I think your ports have to be the same (not sure about that though) everything on mine is forwarded to 88. Hope this helps.
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