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  1. I can't dial out but can dial in do you hev same issue. Are we supose to set line settings to use an outbound server or not I believe my dial plan is set correct I think it is axon issue I am useing broadvoice for myvoip how about you mseibel777@gmail.com
  2. here is a live chat room i made http://www.chatzy.com/387161224300 maybe we can all meet ther 9pm oclock cenral standered time for imidiate help
  3. can't make outbound calls i can receive calls, dial ext but can not make an outbound call i have my dial plan set to default and set if i dial 9 it will remove 1 digit prepend is empty exeptons none and if none of these rules dial ext. i have my soft phone set to ext 101. i tested my broadvoice info by using it in the soft phone from xlite and it works fine i can dial out with the broadvoice num. so I reset it back to ext101. using default as my line for that ext. so if i can receive calls that means my outbound proxy server and my network settings are coreect?? and if my dial plan is
  4. mtaks09

    Axon Dialing Plan

    please for the love of CH&%@ will some one answer this question is this the way this company traps you into buying the tech help why wont it work it seems so simple please send me a response too mseibel777@gmail.com
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