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  1. Ah thank you. That was why it displayed smaller, I would have had it set to 800 x 600. Excellent, thanks for your help.
  2. I have re-tried using a still image with my text on it saving in PHotoshop. This time I made the text larger, and used no Italics. I also saved the image as a BMP and it seemed to work pretty well. That will be my solution until the bug is fixed.
  3. I am glad i found your post about this as I thought I was doing something wrong. I also tried to import a JPG image with my text on it and even that does not display propery - it is again very small and comes through like pixelated text, instead of smooth text. It would be good if this bug was fixed. The other annoying thing is that I cannot force text to go on to the next line. I have had to divide my text into 3 separate text configurations and fade them in and out.
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