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  1. I brought broadwave v1.01 back in 2007 and set it up as a permanent streaming server on XP it takes a live 24/7 audio feed from studio. Then on monday 30th July 2012 this computer went down. We gave it a once over and reinstalled broadwave this computer server runs off the inbuilt sound on the motherboard and has done so for all these years. After reinstalling broadwave we jumped on computers that could access the public or private arena when we click the URL code the windows media player (our default player) will jump up and give us our banner and our notation to say your on live and we get green vertical bars going up and down but no audio what so ever. I have put the audio feed jack into the line input on the streaming server and i have placed speakers into the line output on the streaming server and i can hear the audio feed so i know its working. After doing all the soul searching for the last two days checking port forwarding on router, changing cables, adjusting audio feed, testing sound cards checking out the inbuilt mixer, windows mixer and thinking how did we do it all those years ago. I decided I would right this article and perhaps some one may have a solution. So here i am sitting down at 10.28 pm at night having a cuppa and the penny dropped ... go on to the window mixer go to recording and go to line imput and tick the box .... hey presto .. the audio feed is coming through loud and clear. I decided to leave this commentary on the forum just to give your fellas a reminder that it can be a simple tick in the box. Cheers jeff
  2. Hi We have been using Broadwave 1.01 on port 85 for the audio stream coming from the same computers hard drive stored with our radio playlist this has been done with great effect 24/7 for two years ... last friday we installed the broadcam video stream trial version on same computer and put it on port 86 using logitech quick cam (this has inbuilt camera and microphone). We appear to have some audio conflict between the two NCH products and i'm wondering if we need to install a second sound card just for the broadcam video (audio feed) or we disable the broadcam video (audio feed) that leads to a subsequent question in paragraph 3 or we put in another computer simply to act as video streamer and give that computer its own IP address and open up the dlinx router to accept that computers individual ip address and open port 86 (broadcom video default port) From the NCH notes it would appear both broadwave v1.01 and broadcam will open up in windows media player so my on going question is how do we overcome the conflict with windows media player as it operates in one open window at a time (ie.. if the listener has clicked our broadwave audio button and is listening to the audio path then decides to click the broadcam video they lose the audio and then get the video stream) so in paragraph 2 where i suggested to disable the audio feed on broadcam video streamer the listener / viewer only gets to see the video but no sound. I see Broadwave 1.03 allows different audio formats as in quick time, real player and i Tunes so if that was done would their be a sound lag delay when a listener opens up in quick time for broadwave audio and windows media player for broadcam video with audio To assist you further in offering ideas 84 % of our customers use microsoft browser that would indicate our customers will go with windows media player as their default system for audio and video so to me its not as if we have the younger IT sauve market using other browser platforms so the question impacts on my first question on how to over come the audio path conflict where the broadwave audio program is pulling off the audio path direct off the hardrive and when the broadcam video program is taking the video / audio feed from logitech camera we get a series of audio conflicts prior to it going to air. To answer the question why not just go broadcam video 24/7 and do away with broadwave audio the answer would be a financial consideration based on the amount of bandwidth getting uploaded ... i would prefer to go video streaming for special events which would be 3 or 4 times a month at 1 or 2 hours duration and or record and set up as pod cast Your thoughts most welcome Jeff Shaw
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