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  1. Hi - I use WebDictate and have the site license. It was working perfectly and then suddenly stopped. In the setup page it says that it is connected to the network properly; however, when a customer goes to login to my server to upload their dictation, it takes them to either a google search page or it says that the page cannot be displayed. Please help as I am loosing valuable business by the program being down.
  2. Thank you so very much! Just upgraded and can now integrate Delegate!
  3. I just bought the software a couple of weeks ago - wouldn't the Web Dictate software that I purchased have the been the most recent software out? Now I have to purchase an upgrade for software I purchased that said it integrates directly with Express Delegate - which is why I purchased it?? If this is the case, I will be extremely upset.
  4. That's the problem - it doesn't give me that option - It gives me email; LAN or Direct Internet Connection -
  5. Thank you - Can you tell me how to integrate Delegate and Web Dictate?
  6. Also, can Sony recorded dictations be uploaded to web dictate software? The Sony recorded dictations are in .msv format. My client tried to upload her dictation and was given an error message. Please advise.
  7. Thank you very much. But what about Web Dictate? Does Web Dictate integrate with both Express Dictate and Delegate?
  8. I just purchased the Express Dictate software along with the Express Delegate and Dial/Web suite. However, I am told that the Express Dictate integrates with the Express Delegate program. Can someone please tell me how to do this?
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