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  1. You can plug a T1 into a Total Access 924e router which has 24FXS ports - plug these ports into your AXON supported CAHTA analog boards - and everything works great. You can easily split your t1 into voice and data with this router - say you want 12 PRI and the rest as data.
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    New Server Setup

    Can anyone help with some reconmendations for hardware spec on new server setup Requirements 40 agents 16 analog trunk (somehow connected to T1 if possible) 1 SIP trunk via T1 will need axon plus call recorder/monitor plus auto attendant plus music What operating system should Is use 2003 or 2008 server or xp pro Is the box best placed outside the domain or inside a domain is the box best behind a firewall or directly connected? (nothing else would be placed on the box if direct connection given) Does it work ok in SBS environment? If yes, does it work on the domain or is it better on a seperate 2003 licence connected via domain or standalone server? was also thinking of building virtual server platform with multiple servers on one big box - does axon etc work ok on a shared box? thanks for any insights ps. is there a way to chat directlty to sales techs
  3. I'm wondering how I can connect a T1 digital line to axon? Or does anyone know how to convert a T1 line into 16 analog lines for a analog board? thanks peter
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