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  1. Very useful update. Just upgraded a few minutes ago from v3.10. The call history/log window is quite welcomed. Good job NCH.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Another SIP softphone, X-Lite, does display the incoming caller's name with no issues, but only after I add them to the contact list of course (you know, the same way a cell phone works). But I really hate X-Lite, and Express Talk is a much better program overall. I just wish there was a way to fix this issue, as it's been bothering me quite a bit.
  3. I have set up Express Talk to receive calls from Sipgate. I have also registered all my contacts in the address book. But whenever there is an incoming call I cannot see the caller's name. I can see their number, but not the name. In the bubble message that appears on the taskbar when there is an incoming call, I can see two lines: one is my Sipgate number, and the other is the caller's number. How can I set up Express Talk to display the caller's name on that message instead? Thanks in advance.
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