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  1. Hi Marta. I had the same problem myself! If you double click on the line (after the first item in the list has appeared), a menu should appear and you can then select the item you actually wanted (if it wasn't the first one!). Hope this helps. cisono.
  2. I think yours is similar to the query at the centre of the thread about invoice and inventory collaboration. As I downloaded it, the inventory program simply tells you what you currently have in stock. It does not seem to keep track of historical information (or, if it does, this is hidden from the user). This kind of setup is useless to me, I can just look in my storage room. What I need to do is map items in my storage room to purchases and sales receipts (you can record sales and purchases in the invoice express application but how to link them to the info in the inventory?). I have tried asking NCH about this, but I wouldn't hold my breath about receiving any replies whatsoever. Strange that they don't seem to be interested in showing how their software CAN indeed do what we need it to do...
  3. I cannot see any way for the two applications to work together, though it seems crazy that NCH would not have them talk to each other. I wonder if this is a pay-for component? If so, this should at the very least be explained somewhere. As I have downloaded them, I feel that both applications look professional but are only fine for playing with (not for actual business use). I, for one, feel disappointed.
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