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  1. Well, it's just a SIP client and virtual sound driver. As if your soundcard had a RJ-45 port through which it would send SIP controlled audio data.
  2. Well, I haven't tried Axon yet, and probably I won't have time to do this in near future. But try to do the same what I have done - assume the Uplink can be a SIP peer. Configure Uplink as a SIP provider in Axon. And then dial it, in the same way as you dial out normal numbers through SIP providers.
  3. Hi guys! I've spent some time today, managing to do multi outgoing calls from SIP to Skype. The Uplink config option 'When SIP calls - Use dialled number' had to exist for some reason.. All I've done was to assume that Uplink SIP account can be SIP peer. I've configured Asterisk in that way: sip.conf: [uplink] type=peer username=uplink secret=uplink host=dynamic Then in extensions.conf I'm dialing out using uplink account: exten => _skype_.,1,Dial(SIP/{$EXTEN:6}@uplink) ;_skype_. matches anything starting with "skype_" ; {$EXTEN:6} - called number w
  4. I'm writing in regard to Uplink help page 'Using Uplink'. In the section 'Make a SIP call out through Skype', point 5: "Under the General tab, ensure that the user name of the external line is entered into the field labelled When SIP calls Skype." Shouldn't there be 'When Skype calls SIP'? Altough it's another nonsense ( Uplink registered as a SIP client will call himself ). IMHO there should be two SIP accounts specified, one for Uplink, and another for my phone ) Generally making a SIP call out through Skype is confusing everyone. I can't make out how to configure my pbx to do
  5. Hmm, about the dialing out problem.. Refering to Uplink help: Using Uplink: - Use a prefix digit to indicate to your PBX that it should make the call on the external Skype line. So there should be a way to dial Skype numbers from another sip account in a pbx. I guess the option "General" -> "when SIP calls" -> "Use dialled number" is used for handling this. Does anyone know for what else it could be used? I don't have any idea. I tried to make it work, but the only effect I get it's that Skype returns error similar to "Couldn't find user test. It's unreachable." Where 'test'
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