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  1. Hi all I was looking into past invoices and realised that I can only see one year ago, all my invoices from before October 2009 (and any customers that had purchased from me prior to then) are now, no longer available for me to view. Before I completely panic - can anyone else on v3.3 verify this for me, or let me know how you can view them? Ive purchased Express Accounts, but I cant see the value in an accounting programme that doesnt let you view data from other years - as well as the fact that now I dont know if a customer is a repeat customer or not! Please help! Annetta
  2. Hi Ive recently updated to 2.21 and it now shows on a paid invoice that it is paid (a new line has been added to say balance is zero). Whilst this is great, and I dont have to do the second step of entering in the payments - I now dont have a payment to process, so it doesnt move the entry over to EA??? Does anyone know a fix for this? Its almost end of month, and I really dont know what to do to fix it... Also, just a note for the developers.... please please please please can we return to the old way of adding items to the invoice, for those of us who have multiple entries in a
  3. Hi all Ive been using Express Invoice Pro for a couple of months now, and was just doing a stocktake when I discovered some (6 out of 216 items) of my inventory was incorrect according to EI. I have checked the items and they are definitely ticked to manage inventory levels, and I have definitely invoiced them out to customers. Wasnt sure if I should report as a bug or not, wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem? Cheers
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