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  1. Anyway, I will post my questions here, hopefully you guys may help me with some advise and pointers. Good luck, Jerry. I've been waiting over a month for someone to answer my questions here.
  2. The host computer is a mini-laptop running Windows XP SP3, with a RealTek HD Audio sound card. Oddly, adjusting the "recording" volume has no effect at all...while reducing the playback volume cuts off the feed to the stream.
  3. Thank you for responding. I've spent many hours trying to resolve this problem. 1. The BroadWave server program is running but tells me that it is not configured correctly for the network. 2. I've assigned the host computer the address and done port forwarding via port 88, using the PFConfig program. But BroadWave continues to tell me I need to do it. 3. I've checked to make sure BroadWave is shown as an exception on the Windows XP SP3 firewall (port 88). I've even tried disabling the Windows XP firewall entirely. 4. I've disabled the router's firewall. I've gone online to check the setup of the router to make sure it's forwarding via port 88 to 5. On my test web site (www.kentraco.com), I've set up a link to the host computer address ( From one of the other computers on my network, I can connect to the stream. It runs for three seconds and stops. And no one outside the LAN can access it.
  4. I'm streaming BroadWave 1.14 (Live 1) with ZaraRadio on Windows XP SP3. The computer that hosts the server is on a LAN with two others, using a wireless connection to a LinkSys router. I've tried using the local address of the host computer, the address of the router and my public IP address in the link on my test web site (http://www.kentraco.com). None of them works. I've done port forwarding, using the PFConfig program, and Broadwave is telling me that the network is configured properly. I've even disabled the firewalls on both the router and the host computer. Do these circumstances suggest a possible solution? I've read every post here and tried all of the suggestions. At this point, I'm stumped.
  5. I managed to get everything working just fine, but now I have a very elementary question. I'm running a playlist with Zararadio, and I haven't been able to find a way to silence the laptop computer speakers without also cutting the volume of the stream. There must be an easy answer that I'm just missing.
  6. Using BroadWave and ZaraRadio, I've gotten far enough to be able to bring up Windows Media on another CPU from my web site link. Windows Media correctly shows what's playing, but it won't play. If I push the "start" arrow, it stops again immediately. I'm guessing this has something to do with interaction between BroadWave and ZaraRadio - something I haven't done.
  7. I've just installed and set up Broadwave, and I've very new at this. My plan is to loop an ever-expanding playlist which can be accessed from my web site. But the mp3 files are already on the site host's server. I understand the concept of streaming from my own CPU via a web connection, but I can't tell for sure if Broadwave is also able to provide streaming from a remote server such as Network Solutions.
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