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  1. You can save it as a webarchive, but not as .pdf file. You can save it is a .pdf file by choosing to print it and choose the output to be a .pdf file. I've tried that nad you can no longer go to any topics in the contents. No links exist in the resulting Acrobat (.pdf) file. These are problems in the Mac world. I just wish you would send me a link to download this whole thing as a .pdf file. You teased me with the offer of downloading a .pdf file, but you didn't really do it.
  2. When I downloaded the attachment I did not get a .pdf file. Instead I got: index.php.html How do I get the .pdf file instead?
  3. Prism video converter help only gives an empty help screen. Mac Help Viewer is displayed, but is completely empty. I doesn't find anything to display.
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