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  1. Hello, I see you have a new version of Express Burn, 3.3X up now. I wanted to test it first to see if it worked but when I downloaded it, a message said my trial period was expired. I have used the program for about 4 years, various versions. Is there a way I can test it before I again buy the upgrade?
  2. Hi, I have Win 7 Professional on a new computer, Dell 546 with AMD quad processer. My EB version is 4.26 and I did talk to support about this a few weeks ago. They only could offer I reload the program. I did. It still did not work. Then I disabled the Blueray and tried again. No luck. If you do send me a new version I don't like to have to purchase it again just because my original purchase was more than 3 months ago. I have been purchasing your programs for some time and I feel some credit should be given for loyalty. Yes? Anyway, happy to try. Express Burn was my main burner for ages after Nero was with so many flaws. JS
  3. I have used Express Burn for ages. Good program. I added a Blue Ray player (not burner) and since then Express Burn does not recognize any of my drivers. I used the recommended Microsoft program to detect problems. None. I reloaded the program completely, no changes. So my guess is there is a problem with the new Blue Ray player and EB does not want to work. It either hangs on "Detecting drives" or if I cancel that, it brings up the screen to burn but "no drives available". I would like to leave Blue Ray in my system but maybe I have to take it out? JS
  4. Is there a converter for AMR from Real? I need to make it an MP3. JS
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