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  1. Sorry about the topic title. Obviously it should read 'Song Info' - A little typo there. There doesn't seem to be a way of removing the topic or editing the title. Cheers Pete
  2. ptescudier

    Song onfo

    Does anyone know of any way to send song info along with a live broadcast. Is there some software that might thandle it? I know the song info is sent with a playlst but I would really like to do it with a Live broadcast. Thanks in advance Pete
  3. Hmmm... 30 viewers but no replies. Has the free version that requires a link back to NCH been discontinued? I now cannot start Broadwave because the "Trial has Expired'. I still have the link. Please does anyone know about this? Cheers Pete
  4. Does anyone know why I get a Trial Expiring popup that says my free trial is about to expire in a few days? I thought it was always free as long as I had a link on my site, which I do.
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