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    Hello everyone. I am just posting this in case there are any other users wondering about Windows 7 compatibility before they buy this software. I am happy to report that the software works (my version is 5.02) but the hardware aspect can be a little more tricky. I first tried Windows 7 with two different voice modems. The first was a pretty high end Multitech PCI-Express voice modem (MT9234ZPX-PCIE). It is one of the best on the market today and has at least up to Vista drivers at the time of this writing. Compatibility wise as a modem it was flawless, but the voice quality was HORRIBLE. N
  2. Well, IVM official forum support is a joke. Thank you to the users though. You would think with such great software there would be a little more interaction from the developers. I do not think I should have to purcahse support just to get a basic feature working in the software, but that's just my opinion. For anyone else that reads this, I tried a couple other voice modems without good results. I finally broke down at bought the Way2Call Lite (www.way2call.com). Although more expensive than a voice modem, it is cheaper than a telephony board, and it works GREAT! I have only used it fo
  3. I actually already had that software installed to check out the modem's capabilities. The voice modem tester reports that everything works great. It sounds great too. It reports: Play\Rec (16bit 8Khz mono) SUPPORTED But it doesn't give information about how many different formats it supports. I can't believe I am having this issue with such a good modem. Every other aspect of the software is so great! If I but a cheaper modem will I have better results?
  4. Has anyone figured out a fix for this? I just bought the software for $350 and the newest PCI-E Multitech modem for $150. It is all set up on Windows 7 32-bit connected to a traditional analog telephone line. Sound quality is horrible when someone calls, very scratchy and fuzzy. Is there a solution? Is it true that IVM uses the lowest quality encoding the modem supports and cannot be changed? I purposefully bought a $150 modem from Multitech because it was supposed be an extrememly high quality, if not the best voice modem on the market today. Please someone help if you can. Thank you
  5. There are two versions of that same model number modem. They are: MT5634ZPX-PCI-U : This is the one you want. AND MT5634ZPX-PCI-U-NV : The NV stands for NO VOICE. You probably accidentally bought this one. I saw your review on Amazon so I think you already realized this. Hopefully this post will help others. I am just about to purchase the modem or possibly the new PCI-E version of it. May I ask you if you replaced the NV one? If so, how is the new voice one working for you?
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