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  1. Yes, First the SAVE_AS window opens, from which I can selct the file type (I select .mp3), then the MP3 Encoder Settins window opens from which I can select bitrate etc. WHen I press OK the saving window shows the prorgress of the file saving. It's only when I Open the file that it gives the error. Also - I've just noticed that when I use the SAVE_AS dialogue window ... it displays the original file name... I then change the file_type to '.mp3', but (unlike other applications) it still displays the original file suffice in the SAVE_AS file name. Anyway ... I press OK, but when I come to (re)open the file it has saved in NOT in the folder I selected, but in the MY_COMPUTER!! folder
  2. Hi, I have recorded successfully, but when I chose SAVE_AS and select mp3 it doesnt actually save the files in mp3 format (or at least when I try to open the new file, that's what your s'ware says. I've tried SWITCH and that does it OK. Is this what i'm supposed to use? Thanks ... Barry
  3. I think we have found a bug(ette). I've just noticed that if you use FILE>>SAVEAS it doesnt save the tags, but if you use FILE>>SAVE it does. Work around is therefore to use File-SaveAs (& give it the new file parameters, Then repeat with File-Save
  4. .added, nor do the tags come though when I stream the mp3 file from the host.
  5. I have just loaded the latest version 3.02 and have the same problem. ie when I save the file (as new) and look at the folder I saved it in, the ID3 tags don't get display in the appropriate columns?
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