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  1. Hi, Thanks for the quick response, I know the file format can be changed on the device to a different format on the DSS Player Pro side i.e. the dss format, but will the Express Dictate support that format? Meaning will it download it from the device and email it?
  2. I am considering this purchase of the Mac version Express Dictate for a user. I need to know if the Mac version is compatible with the Olympus DS-5000 and has the 2 features of (1) automatically download the file from the recorder and (2) automatically emails it to a user based on configuration settings. I have the DSS Player Pro for PC and it is great! The CD says that it is compatible with Mac, so I installed the software for the Mac. It ended up just being the DS Player which is a dumbed down version of the DSS Player Pro without the email support and other functions. That is the reaso
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