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  1. Did you ever get this figured out?. Just looking through the forums and came across this. I have done a few shows where I use my mic, then play a song or two, just like the big boys do on radio. Let me know. Maybe I can help even though it's late after your post. Cheers... btw...yes is the answer to your question!
  2. See my other post a few minutes ago. It does work for me just fine but you have some issues I saw. Go to the other posting. Cheers
  3. Hey there Mountman! I think your links are incorrect. I clicked on the link you had in your message today, and I see your ISP as "". What you saw in the NCH guide is just an example. These are incorrect. You have to have a public IP in order for your stream to broadcast directly from your PC. As it is now, no one can connect with you to listen. They need to be able to connect with your PC to listen to what you're playing. I'm not much into all this, I had a friend of mine handle this. I honestly couldn't tell you how to do this mate. It's all too tecky for me. But once you do this, you'll have no problem. I was the same. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Try going to Broadwave NCH and read about getting your stream to work. www.nch.com.au/streaming Cheers!
  4. Mountman: It takes a few days for it to finally start, IF you have the correct LINK on your main page. If you like to see how I have it, visit me at: http://erieshoresradio.ning.com
  5. Pete.. I was told that the NEW version (1.03) does this but the previous version does not. I just can't find the PREVIOUS versions..??? I dunno why this is happening sometimes and sometimes NOT...wtf??? I didn't see anywhere that says all this either. Seems like a ploy to make you buy it...Hmmmm
  6. skipper


    How do I obtain assistance with my Broadwave Audio Streamer? I don't see a forum for it any where...I have the FREE version and it's suddenly stopped even though I have all the LINKS on my pages as required. I appreciate any help.
  7. Ok does anyone have the instructions I would need to use ZaraRadio with Broadwave to automate my music???? I'd really appreciate it. I currently have Broadwave working from outside PC's with a Programmed Playlist no problem.
  8. Hi... So Broadwave ONLY plays the tracks in alphabetical order???..That sux. How can I get this randomized? I tried making a playlist according to file size, but Broadwave UPLOADS alphabetically again..... And...Can someone tell me how I can use Zulu or another mixer with Broadwave? Is that ONLY for live??? I finally got this worked out and should have come back here to post it. Sorry!
  9. Hello... I've downloaded Zulu and Broadwave and was wondering if I can use Zulu to broadcast a LIVE segment through Broadwave???... Thank you for any assistance received.
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