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  1. Has anyone come up with suitable settings to convert a non copywrite DVD to the correct format for a Sony Walkman. Size 320x240 and 30 fps. I have at last got audio to transfer successfuly by reducing the bitrate from default 128 to 64 but I still have a tall thin picture on the final file. please dont suggest use FFpg first or what ever it is cos that no work either BUY 4 Now
  2. It will expire if it has not already then you have to buy the upgrade it will work then. The purchase and download is painless except the £ 30 GBP and this forum is nor much cop at answering any questions lol
  3. I have at last been partially successful here by reducing the birate in the encoder settings from the default 128 down to 64. This works fine all through the converted DVD. However my Walkman wants a size of 320x 240 for the video this works fine with Real player downloads and downloaded TV but the dvds are comming out using full height of the screen but only a third of the width in the center. !!! bemused
  4. Have you tried settings- options conversion tab- "use FFMPEG First. Try a tick in the box it may help it seems to be the stock answer on the forum worth a try but it didnt help me get any sound. What Bitrate are you using? it seems to be set at 128 as a default but aparantly changing this will help but to what setting I dont know.. Martin
  5. Hi Tom you may not get your answer here as mostly these post dont seem to get an answer. There seems to be all sorts of problems similar to this I can copy an entire DVD but then there is no sound track so not much good. If you have sound with your section that you have copied pray tell me if you have adjusted any settings and what you have changed? Best wishes Martin
  6. Hello my friend seems this is possibly one of the most unhelpfull forums on the net. Lots of people seem to have the same or similar problems and lots view the posts,but getting a response seems unlikley. It may be no one has the answer. I suspect if you pay for technical help you may get the same answer "Use ffmpeg first". This seems to be the standard answer , but does not actually help or solve the issue. The next answer would probably tell us its our computer system is at fault!!!!!!!!!! so there you have it is our fault. Good luck lets hope someone out there can actually solve this for
  7. Hi Photoguy 1 seems there are quite a few issues surrounding this and that conversion is not straight forward. Just getting a reply to a post seems quite difficult judging by the posts with no replies. Can I ask you about Bitrate and what part it plays in the conversion as I am trying to convert non copy protected DVDs to MPEG4 and though I have ticked the use FFMPEG first box there seems to be a wide choice of Bitrates. I am getting the picture but no soundtrack. Martin
  8. Aunt K how about using Audacity its free and will allow you to record any soundtrack from music or video and edit it remove clicks and pops ctc. you can then save it as Mp3 wav or vob works for me.. good luck
  9. I have purchased the software and spent some time looking at the forums and it seems one thing keeps cropping up. No Audio with a converted DVD. I am having this problem I have ticked the Use FFMPEG box this does not cure the problem. I am trying to convert a non write protected DVD and it will not copy the soundtrack. I have also read the bit about changing the Bitrate but to what there are a lot to exmeriment with. One other thing I have seen is put sound to 128 44 stereo cbr what is this and where do I find it? I am running Winows XP media edition the pc is clean defragged ,disc cleanup e
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