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  1. Thanks Kena I changed my braodband package and all is well, The only problem is that the sound is terrible,it is a bit crackley!!! I might have to buy a soundcard as it a bit of an old pc that im streaming from! cheers for the advise!!!!! rudi
  2. I like to think that im pretty good with a pc, But when it has come to this streaming audio game im lost!! this seems to be the problem for alot of people aswell as me! I dont know what im doing wrong as it seems to be very straight forward!! Im using the free download on my website and have added the link to advertise broadwave everything works fine on my home network (streaming from laptop in one room and listening on another pc). But still i cant broadcast to no one in the outside world! Im connected to a bt homehub and not a router,but i do get this message when i look at the page th
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