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  1. First of all, despite this little annoyance, I love Slice. That being said, my problem is that in splitting a very large mp3 file (an audio book that is 08:32:26 and 146mb) the last few words at the end of each segment seem to be cut off. This corresponds to about a second or two of audio. The missing audio is not present at the beginning of the next segment. It is simply gone. I have tried to adjust the number of overlapping seconds in the options but changes to this seem to have no effect on the output. I have tried this on several similar mp3 files with the same results. Other relevant info that I can think of: I am slicing using the lossless mp3 option and the program is running on Vista SP2. I am slicing at 3 seconds of -30dB silence wich seems to be appropriate for my files.
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